Deals from our Sponsors

Deals from Our Sponsors

Thanks to our incredible sponsors, we are excited to offer you the following perks!

Orca provides athletes with the confidence to achieve whatever they want, by empowering them with the strength to reach further than they thought possible and always delivering striking, streamlined products that perform with maximum efficiency.

Orca has created a wetsuit perfectly designed for the sport of SwimRun. From a front-zipper to built in to pouches designed to hold nutrition, this suit is perfect for our event. Through our partnership with Orca, you’ll receive 10% off your order. Details coming soon.

The staff at All3sports are dedicated to the sport as serious athletes and avid enthusiasts themselves. All3sports excels at a ‘customer first’ focus by understanding the unique needs of our customers. By having personal experience with so many of our own products we are in a position to provide excellent advice about a wide range of topics.

In simple terms, by providing the best in triathlon gear and an exceptional customer-first mentality, the all3sports Retail Store and Website are able to bring state-of-the art equipment with passion and expertise to both the professional and beginner multisport athlete.

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